10 x Herbal Tea Bags

10 x Herbal Tea Bags

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High quality loose tea lovingly filling our tea bags.

Each tea bag has one teaspoon to make one cup of tea.

NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG CAFFEINE. All of our tea is caffeine free.

All are safe for humans and dogs.

The teas we stock:

Linden and Raspberry

Excellent for your immuse system nad helps put colds in their place.


Green Yerba Mate

Energising tea.


Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea

The perfect unwind drink.


Ginger, Eucalyptus Green Tea

Amazing for digestion and overall health and skin care.



Helps digestion, helps relieve headaches, improves energy


Black Ginger

Improves stomach performance, reduces inflammation, improves circulation.


Hemp and Chamomile

Relaxing, soothing, helps sleep and boosts immuse system


Green Tea Honey

Helps relieve pain and relax muscles, calming, boosts immune system.



Reduces arthritic symptoms, helps relieve symptoms of alzheimers.


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